Mike's Seiko S7600 Webpage

This chip has been discontinued

Seiko's S7600 AKA iChip which incorporates iReady's technology makes it easy to embed the net into most any device. It is the first of what will be a whole line of internet enabling chips with different configurations including ethernet and RISC cores.

In a very small 48TQFP package the iChip has everything your need to send and receive information on the internet. It has its own 10K SRAM buffer to manage IP/UDP/TCP/ICMP data and supports TCP and UDP Sockets. The S7600 was designed for embedded dialup applications and supports PPP+PAP and has a buffered UART that supports 300bps up to T1/E1 Rates. All that it needed is a very small processor to tell the iChip what you want to send or receive and a modem or other serial connection. The iChip does the rest.

Stuff to help you use the iChip

Where to get the S7600 (iChip)