Parts and Suppliers.

All Electronics Corp.
P.O. Box 567
Van Nuys, CA 91408
Lots of parts, + molded chokes and ferrite beads. FB101-43's, 5 for a buck.

D.C. Electronics
Phone: 1-800-467-7736 & 1-800-423--0070
They sell BA1404's for $2 a piece, seems to be the best deal going. They also sell there own BA-1404 transmitter kit, with a 38khz xtal. They will also sell you 38Khz crystal (this is the reccomended one to use in the FM-10 to FM-10a conversion). Great catalog. Lots more RF stuff.

They have lots and lots of items. Most notably, 38Khz crystals by Epson America (Digi-Key part #SE3314).

DVS Communications
PO BOX 452
Wellsville, NY 14895
Alternative programs of "pirate" and clandestine stations.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
1919 M Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20554
Info on permitted forms of low power broadcast operations (part-15.)

Free Radio Berkeley
1442-A Walnut St, #406
Berkeley, CA 94709
Lots of kits and info for the micro power radio movement.

JM Electronics
Audio Accessories and Transmitters.

JT Communications
FCC approved broadcast-type FM exciter, tunable 88-108 Mhz (PLL).

Panaxis Productions PO Box 130
Paradise, CA 95967-0130
Tons of very high quality FM, AM, and TV transmitters and amps. Catalogs are $2, well worth it. A must have item. There stereo transmitters are more expensive than a FM-10, but much higher performance.

Progressive Concepts
Sells plans and kits for the FM broadcast band.

Ramsey Electronics
793 Canning Parkway
Victor, New York 14564
They make the FM-10, FM-25(PLL), LPA-1 and PA-1 (all very useful for 3-meter hacking.) They also have a number of other kits like the TV-6 television transmitter.

RF Parts
Sells all kinds of RF Transistors.

Scott Communications
Home of the much advertized on the net 3 watt transmitter. Other FM xmitters and amplifires.

Tapto Corp.
FM oscillator kit, and other stuff.

Another maker of BA1404 (fm stereo like FM-10) kits. Plus other stuff.

ZBS Foundation
RR#1 Box 1201
Fort Edward, NY 12828
Non-profit org for the arts, adventure, sci-fi tapes and CDs.

Books, Articles, and Magizines of Interest.

Video, Stereo and Optoelectronics, Rudolf F. Graf and William Sheets. TAB Books. Ta 'kill UHF TV broadcaster (2 watts). A FM stereo transmitter project (not based on the BA-1404) that includes SCA subcarriers. Some stuff on frequency synthesis. FM receivers with SCA. Carrier current stuff. Neat!

Interface Databook, National Semiconductor, 1990. Great section on frequency synthesis.

The ARRL Handbook, American Radio Relay League, The bible, must have, has the basics on everything. Plus more. Get both the 1995 and a pre-1995 version (pre-1995 version has plans for making a 10GHz studio link.)

The Compleate Manual of Pirate Radio, Zeke Teflon, See Sharp Press 1993, ISBN 0-9613289-9-1. $5.00. Seen at Tower Records. By no means compleate, Zeek's manual is worth a read, if not only for it's opening story. Other info is there but not compleate.

Electronics Now, Build this FM STEREO BROADCASTER, July 1992 issue.

Iron Feather Journal, Issues 13, 14 and others. Journal of many hacks. Contact :
PO BOX 1905
Boulder CO 80306-1905

Nuts & Volts Magazine, Must subscribe magazine, loaded with advertisments that apply to all aspects of software and hardware (including radio) hacking. Subscribe today only $20/yr.

Mondo 2000, Pirate Media, #11 1993 issue.

The Original Sex and Broadcasting, Lorenzo Wilson Milam, ISBN- 0-917320-01-8. Lots of cool insight on running a community radio station. Pirate Radio Section. Good read.

A PASSION FOR RADIO: Radio Waves and Community A community radio anthology edited by Bruce Girard. 22 chapters on various community and pirate radio stations. Some stations covored are Radioproeflokaal Marconi a squatters' pirate in Amsterdam, Radio Venceremos the official radio station of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front in El Salvador, Zoom Black Magic Liberation Radio a low-power pirate in Illinois, Radio One a now legal station in Prague that began life as the anarchist pirate "Radio Stalin" and many more.
Black Rose Books - Montreal/New York
Paperback ISBN 1-895431-34-4

Radio-Electronics, Hardware Hacker by Don Lancaster, June 1992 issue. Great schematic on the Pioneer CD-FM-1, a xtal controlled FM transmitter using the BA1404. Worth a look.

Radio Resistor's Bulletin
PO Box 3038
Bellingham, WA 98227-3038
Send $1 for sample -or- mail

RadioText(e), ISBN:0-936756-94-2, Must have collection of many different essays on radio, including may of the alternative bend. Abbie Hoffman, Upton Sinclair, Ezra Pound, Tetsuo Kogawa and many others.

Also of interest although mostly about Shortwave Pirate Radio is:
The Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts -or- ACE
PO Box 11201
Shawnee Mission, KS 66207-0201
yearly subscription 12 issues. US $18, Canada/Mexico $19, Rest of the world $25. They had a short (but slightly flawed) article on the FM-10 in there May 1991 issue. Mostly ACE is about shortwave pirates.

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