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WARNING: The government has determined that this page contains dangerous memes and could be harmful to pro establishment minds. Rated-PG13, could contain strong language, a stray breast or two, and/or require you to think. If the above bothers you please press the back button now.

This page was written to add to the public knowledge the information necessary to create and operate a micro power FM radio station (some call it pirate radio.) It is not intended to help someone break a law or cause interference with other radio operators and services. It is intended as a starting point and a guide to educate ones self in the correct construction and operation of a Micro Power Radio station.

The biggest problem facing the micro power radio movement is the limited availability of high quality radio equipment (this is changing as you read this.) For the average U.S. citizen, it is easier to get an AK-47 than a radio transmitter suitable for FM Broadcast band use. Hopefully this Web Page will help with ideas on locating equipment, setting it up, and running an effective micro power radio station.

Please feel free to browse around and explore.

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