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    Parent DirectoryPowerwheels Modifications

    This is a spot for my Power Wheel Hacking/Modification Stuff.

    I've modified the kids jeep Powerwheels with an automatic 1.5amp charger and a Lead Acid Tractor Battery. This modification was less expensive than replacing the batteries with factory ones, and you cannot over charge (90% of the falures of factory batteies is because of overcharging.) Another benifit of this mod is that the jeep now runs all day long and has a little higer top speed.

    The Battery charger I used is an EverStart OnBoard 1.5 AMP trickle charger that is fully automatic and will not overcharge the battery. I bought it at wallmart for $19 on sale.

    The Battery I used is a 12 volt everstart tractor battery, also purchaced at wallmart for $19. Both the battery and charger are less than a set of powerwheels batteries cost.

    I've also done some modifications to a Quad Runner Powerwheels which I'll try to post later.

      The Twins Driving the powerwheels - Here they are driving the jeep. (view)
      Tractor Battery and Auto Charger - WARNING, this can be dangerious if you don't know what you are doing. The lead acid batter can leak or expload if the charging circuit is incorrectly installed.

      This is an early picture of the prototype tractor battery modification. Note that the battery still needs to be secured.

      In the final version (I'll add pics later) the 110v plug is available without lifting the seat. The battery is secured, and the seat is bolted closed and not accessable by the kids.

      I also added fuse protection between the battery and the powerwheel powersystem. There is no fuse between the charger and the battery as it has automatic protection. (view)


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