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    My Home Automation Stuff, I'm working on wireing my 2nd house now. I'll try to post pics and ideas that I used or am using at both houses.

      halinks - Home Automation Links (view)
      Home Automation Index - Lots of great stuff here. (view)
      Keypad Door Lock - Since we moved to Livermore, my office is in the house (not in seperate building as in Petaluma), I had to find a solution to keep the kids out of my office. A regular lock wouldn't work since I would always have to have my key. This 'Touchpad Electronic Entry Lockset' by Morning Industry Solved that problem. I highly recommend the lock. My wife is getting one fro her office next month.

      It works great and has a feature that automatically locks the door again after 10 seconds. No more forgetting to lock the door. My office has never been so clean, and all my projects are undisurbed.

      I bought my lock from Smarthome (view)
      A pic of my phone closet - A picute of my new phone closet. Well actually a cabinet. Not nearly as nice as the one up in Petaluma.(view)


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