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    Parent DirectoryPhilips BGW200

      Philips BGW200 Information10-02-2007 10:34 am
      At one time in the past I spent some time trying to interface to the BGW200, I've probably had more success than most I've talked to.

      This chip looks very interesting because of its SPI interface, and could be if there was any kind of support from Philips. It is a dream to many to have a simple to interface chip for wifi for there embedded projects that is not completely dumbed down to some useless serial interface.

      Personally I wouldn't recommend this chip because of how hard philips makes it on small developers. I'd use a chip that is supported in the Linux community.

      Having said that here is the information I've gathered.

      BGW200 project for sale10-17-2007 9:24 am
      I did some work on the Philips BGW200 802.11 and in the process acquired a Adya Systems development board and software.

      Currently this is selling for $1K at the Adya site. I will sell my used one for the same, note that this kit is better than the one they are selling as they shipped the software with the .lst files for all the binary objects. This reviles the source code to the whole object set. Including the BGW200 firmware and loader.

      For $2k total I will through in working schematics for a a BGW200 wireless adapter, 1 completed PCB board, and a two layer board layout design and a BGW200 document that shows many of the internal BGW200 programming registers.

      All of the schematics I've seen online for the BGW200 will not work as they fail to understand the basics of the clock circuit. Having all of my info will save you at least $1K of pain, probably much more than that.

      Let me know I can take paypal. email me at this domain via mike@


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