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    Parent DirectoryPowerwheels Modifications

    This is a spot for my Power Wheel Hacking/Modification Stuff.

    I've modified the kids jeep Powerwheels with an automatic 1.5amp charger and a Lead Acid Tractor Battery. This modification was less expensive than replacing the batteries with factory ones, and you cannot over charge (90% of the falures of factory batteies is because of overcharging.) Another benifit of this mod is that the jeep now runs all day long and has a little higer top speed.

    The Battery charger I used is an EverStart OnBoard 1.5 AMP trickle charger that is fully automatic and will not overcharge the battery. I bought it at wallmart for $19 on sale.

    The Battery I used is a 12 volt everstart tractor battery, also purchaced at wallmart for $19. Both the battery and charger are less than a set of powerwheels batteries cost.

    I've also done some modifications to a Quad Runner Powerwheels which I'll try to post later.


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